Our Heritage

Although a company existed prior to 27th May 1927, which was controlled by the Highfield Directors and was involved in gear making mainly for early car designs, it was not until this date that the company was registered as the Highfield Gear cutting Company Limited. The name was derived from a district of Huddersfield called Highfields, in premises which used gear cutting machinery.

Highfields was started by 2 people, one an Engineer the other an Accountant. The Engineer who was the M.D and Chairman of the Company was formerly the M.D of Karrier Motors. The Company stayed in the control of these family’s until 1997.

The growth of the company started with it being housed in part of the old works of Karrier Motors at Nile Street Huddersfield.

Upto the retirement of the original Chairman in 1958 the Company had grow to approximately 100 employees, by this time the Company had established itself as a supplier of Series manufactured worm gearboxes.

The Company stayed at Karrier work until 1997, but returned home in 2002

The Company rapidly moved onto the more specialised area of Bespoke gear boxes, typical applications Chemical Agitation, Brewery equipment, water Treatment, Steel Works to name but a few.

The Company played its part in the Second World war effort, producing scavenger pumps for the Spitfire Engine, also pump gears for marine pumping application.

We have been involved in Stage equipment, comprising of gearing and associated equipment for Stage Manipulation, Lighting and Scenery Hoists, These have been supplied to the UK, Europe, Australia , China, The Middle East and South America.

The Company were founder members of the British Gear association on who’s technical committee we were always prominent.

Highfield Gear Industries

Nile Street, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD1 3LP

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